we are looking for a "captain on the bridge" (our ceo)


Applying the latest technologies in mobile health, Care4C delivers for ship owners (operating humongous oil tankers, apartment-high container vessels and the like) a management tool to keep a finger on the pulse. Care4C’s SaaS offering is unique in its kind, globally.

Facing a rapid development of Care4C, the founders seek to bring a daily lead on board to take their venture to a next level: a Captain On The Bridge.

What we have today:

·      It works: A concrete product (not just some slides);

·      POCs: completed at shore and sea;

·      Sales: key maritime players already signed on;

·      MVPs: confirmed launch on series of ships this summer;

·      Industry resonance: strong & global;

·      Research: lead partner in global, 7 digit-funded project;

·      Passionate founders: with years of experience in shipping, start-up journeys and top-tier corporations;

What’s next:

·      Manage confirmed first clients and outservice them;

·      Prepare financing round, to support growth;

·      Expand client base and prepare wave 2 of sign-ons;

·      Organize and build a team;

·      Execute on further product development;

·      Launch expansion to comparable sectors (cruise, offshore, …);

What we look for:

·      A born entrepreneur – ideally in start-up or scale up context

·      A smart, innovative and inquisitive mind

·      A talent to plan, surpassed by a skill to execute

·      A passion to lead and a love to team-play

·      A technological brain and social interface

·      A DNA of ‘Captain On the Bridge’ (our name for CEO)

·      A fact base of credentials (university degree(s), minimum 5 years of relevant experience, …)

·      An ability to surprise (us)

What you’ll find

·      The helms at a start-up at the point of its break trough – for you to grasp;

·      The bridge: for you to steer Care4C through its financing round

·      The stripes: develop relations with client C-levels;

·      Tons of work and challenge – for you to plan where and when;

·      Salary & Equity – we expect you to become shareholder;

·      The world – a truly global industry

·      The colleagues – strong coaching from founders


If you deem yourself the best fit to take the helm at Care4C, and will make our project and investment a success, tell us why in a short pitch (pve@care4c.com)