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Care for your Crew

Monitor health and wellbeing of your seafarers while at sea, to understand their needs, maximize performance and minimize maritime incidents.

Communicate with your Crew

Establish a continuous communication flow between ship, shore and where necessary clinician, with data sharing of health status, such as sleep patterns, heart rates and a capacity to send smart emergency alerts and get predictive analysis reports.

Cost Optimization

Proactively facilitating the wellbeing of the crew to ensure efficient and safe voyages and subsequent cost optimization.

Our Focus


Provides actionable insights for effective fatigue management by encouraging healthier sleep, activity and work patterns, reducing fatigue related incidents on board


Collects various sources of data such as sleep, heart rate and step count to determine overall health status


Monitors health data such as sleep and deep sleep data, step count, heart rate and calories for effective risk management and reducing near misses by flagging the likelihood of future incident occurrences


Data driven approach to aid dialogue and bridging the gap between ship and shore, improving mental health onboard

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At Care4C we provide you with the solution to Care for your Crew, Communicate with them efficiently and optimize Costs